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The Xbox app on Android is updated with remote play and additional improvements



The Xbox app on Android is updated with remote play and additional improvements

During the past month of August Xbox presented its new unified interface, a complete redesign for the brand menu on all devices on which it is available: from next-generation consoles, Xbox Series X and S, through Xbox One and PC, to smartphones. Precisely about the application for mobile devices is spoken today in the official blog of the company, where an exhaustive review of all its news is made.

The Xbox app has been renewed on Android mobile devices, both on smartphones and tablets, with a new beta version that includes comprehensive improvements related to communication with other platforms, but also with friends and the games in your library. Improvements are also incorporated in access to the remote play

so you don't have to be part of the Xbox Insider program to play the titles downloaded on the console: from now anyone can stream their Xbox games on mobile.

One of the main aspects that has been improved in this new version of the Xbox app is the notification management: now everything is more concentrated and clear, allowing you to empty notifications from any system. This means that if you have many notices you can mark them all as read from the mobile to avoid how cumbersome it can be to do it from the console. Or even do it on the street if you don't have an Xbox handy.

Connection with next generation consoles and remote gaming

In this regard there are a main novelty related to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, specifically with your command: Today it was shown how to work the Share button of the new generation peripheral, revealing that it will have compatibility with the mobile to make it easier share screenshots while you play. Pressing the button will take an image or video capture, something that the mobile app will receive and notify so that you can share it from there more easily and to a wider range of applications.

Another important aspect is that the Xbox app will be very useful for setting up next-gen consoles for the first time. This application will be used to prepare the machines the same day they arrive home and, from that moment, it can be used to manage the library, install and buy games. A whole series of functionalities that we can carry out from our device.

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