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This colossal birthday cake is inspired by the magic of Dragon Ball




Wouldn't it be ideal to have a very special sweet for your birthday? It seems to us that yes, they are perfect Dragon Ball cookies or this impressive Goku cake. But today we have seen another cake like that that has also left us speechless at the amount of detail you have, with Goku and the Dragon Balls as protagonists.

Below these lines you can see the photo he shares JohnnyBoyGuitar on Reddit

and that it seemed to us pure magic of dragon ball, especially when seeing that the cake itself is typical orange suit of our favorite Saiyan. We do not know if it will be as rich, although the appearance is more than appetizing, but it certainly looks great in any photograph.

Dragon Ball Z birthday cake for my dirty 30 last year. GF stole my Super Saiyan 3 Goku to top it off. desde dbz

What do you think of this cake, would you like to have one for a themed birthday in your house with matching Dragon Ball decorations?

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