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This Dragon Ball fan art imagines a Saiyan invasion




If there is a Saiyan trio that be in everyone's memory, that's the one formed by Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz that over the years have remained in our minds as three of the first real threats inside Dragon Ball. This causes fans to draw Vegeta almost as if he were a Minecraft character, they try to put Nappa's hair and transform Raditz into a female version of himself. But perhaps it is more interesting to see how these three come together in fan art than explore his "invasion" of the planet of Goku and company in Dragon Ball Z.

If you look below, in the design that shares AldgerRelpa on Reddit, the three Saiyan are aware of their power and their faces reflect the innate pride of this breed which, very reluctantly, was one of the reasons that ended up condemning them to disappearance. From his attitude it would seem that they want to destroy everything and do not know rivals to their power

, which is partly true, but of course, they do not know that a bitter surprise awaits them face Goku and company.

Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz as Saiyan
AldgerRelpa on DeviantArt

This illustration is very successful and perfectly conveys the attitude and thought of these Saiyans upon landing on a new planet, eager to conquer the entire territory and pulverize your enemies.

Cover image I Pinterest

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