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This PS5 DualSense made by a fan is wonderful




We already know what the PS5 DualSense controller looks like, but we still don't know what it is capable of. Sony's hermeticism with Playstation 5 and everything related to it continues to give a lot of scope to imagine possibilities when playing with the console, and that is precisely what a fan has done. A very talented designer has made their own version of DualSense, and the truth is that the result is simply spectacular.

Bill PS5only He has shown a video on Twitter in which this montage is fully operational. With the fold-out touch panel and acting as a screen, in addition to the movement of the controller's side masks, it achieves quite striking versatility

. It not only offers Additional Information of the game, but also incorporates more specific controls reflected both in the buttons and in other tactile parts that unfold on its front. You can see it in full action below:

Of course, it should be noted that It is not the official or final design of the PS5 controller, but a prototype created by a very talented fan. In addition to slightly remembering the proposal made by the Wii U Gamepad with asymmetric gameplay, this fan controller also it would be exceptionally expensive. Who knows if Sony will have had common ideas to this, what we do know is that it is far from reaching the stores as an official product. Although, put to dream … Would you like to be able to buy it?


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