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This video-tutorial from one of the Dragon Ball Super animators shows the difficulty of the trade




Dragon Ball has gone through different phases throughout its history. It is true that there has been a logical evolution in the quality of the animation, but the beginnings of Dragon Ball Super were a bit questioned. Those details that made the anime ugly were finally resolved with artists like Yuya Takahashi as one of its exponents. Now that he has other projects, Takahashi has shared an interesting video about a widely used resource known as Sakuga, also used in Dragon Ball Super and other anime, which is nothing more than a simply spectacular moment in animation, where everything seems to take a turn without turning back.

In this video-tutorial you can see perfectly the process and the techniques it uses

to create these striking scenes and as you can see it is not exactly easy. The video lasts half an hour, but each minute is worth gold, especially if you are a fan of Japanese animations such as Naruto or Toriyama's own work. Possibly your mind only sees irreverent strokes, but these sketches are the first step to reach the end result in full color. Now that the pandemic has forced artists to stay home, you are not the only one to have shared their work, but you can see how My Hero Academia is made plan by plan.

This only confirms the merit of this profession. Unfortunately, many anime have been delayed by the coronavirus. So we will have to wait a while to see some episodes that have decreased their production these weeks to avoid more infections in Japan.

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