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This was the event in which Xbox Series S was going to be presented



This was the event in which Xbox Series S was going to be presented

A leak last week was the trigger for a whole news spill by Microsoft. What started as a small clip revealing the Xbox Series S look and price, it ended up becoming a maneuver of those of Redmond with which to reveal, in a hurry, the date and prices of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The original plan was not this, but to do everything through a video presentation that will not be broadcast, but that we can see thanks to another leak


Official Xbox Series S presentation video

WalkingCat, the same Twitter user as showed the first videos of the console, along with data on prices and dates, has continued on its gutting streak. This time, in a thread, he has been publishing all the parts of the presentation of Xbox Series S. It was going to be about a digital press event

, only available for a small group of people, in order to make an open presentation later. However, the leaks took it upon themselves to change the plans.

In the thread of tweets that you have on these lines you can see the presentation in full. Apparently, after the first information leak, Microsoft decided to cancel the plans altogether and change its strategy. Thus, we find those tweets with which everything was confirmed. The next-gen Xbox arrives on November 10 and, this week, Sony will move to tell us the same with the PS5 event.

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