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This was the manga The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and its differences




Like many staunch fans of The Legend of Zelda we know that it is difficult for a game to come out with Princess Zelda as the protagonist, or we do not know where Hyrule is exactly, we know the fantastic ones well enough manga volumes created about this universe and, if we have scratched a little, we will know that they do not present exactly the same information as games originals that are inspired.

Today we wanted to rescue the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time manga to give a good account of the interesting differences that can be found in it regarding its namesake game for Nintendo 64. It is very attractive to discover how it happened can have several different readings if we only change the point of view a little, or “focus the action more” on other characters. If, like us, you enjoy learning about him lore from The Legend of Zelda, you can not miss this article.

Dark Link

Link vs. Dark Link

Definitely, Dark Link is the evil version of the hero and a quite dangerous rival, because he has the ability to imitate all Link's attacks. This makes it one of the more intense enemies that you can face. Although in Ocarina of Time it appears as a mini-boss at the Water Temple in the manga it is not like that.

In fact it does in a completely different place, after Link defeats Volvagia and reaches Kakariko Village. There he meets Impa, former guardian of Princess Zelda, who asks him protect the village from monsters that have taken human form. After a few days of hard training with this Sheikah, Dark Link appears as the perfect rival to wrap up that series of workouts and give Link that look of mighty warrior

that we all have in memory.

Sheik and his role as a double agent

Princess Zelda of Hyrule and her alter-ego Sheik

Discover that Sheik was actually Princess Zelda, it was crazy in the original game, because it had used the power of magic to create an alter ego that allowed him hide from Ganondorf and thus help Link in its journey, providing juicy information and melodies necessary to advance in the game.

However, in the manga, Sheik does not have a supporting role only and he's a much more active character, using his costume to inflicting on Ganon's hosts and get the ear of the powerful magician. This marries the lore from the Sheikah tribe who, after being betrayed by the Hyrule Royal Family, they decided to seek revenge, betraying them. Thus, Ganondorf believes that Sheik is helping him out of spite, when, in fact, Zelda plays her role perfectly and he even captures Link at one point in his adventure. Brave, right?

A Mask and Skull Kid

Skull Kid and Majora's Mask

No, don't worry, this is not the same thing that happens in Majora's Mask, at least it doesn't have the same context. In the manga, there are stories that are based on concepts that we find in the game, one of them occurs at a festival inside the Kokiri Forest in which, after you have created a mask

For a play, Link discovers that a Skull Kid has stolen it.

So Link has to delve into the lost forest, a sinister place in the game, but openly malicious and ruthless in the manga. The Baga Tree, a corrupt version of the Deku Tree, is the big shot in this place, and don't hesitate to send monsters against Link and Saria. In this way we are explained how a Skull Kid comes to be “born” and it also explains a bit more about Link's childhood rival Mido.

The Watarara tribe

Revali in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Another of these side stories centers on an adult Link who gets to know Rouro, Prince of the Watarara Tribe, town that does not appear anywhere in the original game. But what about other deliveries?

Well look what are the things that the Watarara are a breed of humanoid birds that influenced the creation of the tribe of the Rite. They first appear in The Wind Waker, including a ritual to be completed by one of its younger members to win your wings. They show themselves again in full Breath of the Wild with Himekawa, one of the Heroes that we meet in the adventure.

The origins of Volvagia

Volvagia and Link
Linkage92 on DeviantArt

Sure you remember this dragon for being the chief of the Temple of Fire, long defeated by a Goron Champion, but resurrected through Ganondorf's corrupted magic to protect Link's Temple. A fairly simple in-game story for Ocarina of Time, but with much more chicha in the manga.

Volvagia has a strong bond of union with Link, because this is the first time when he is a child, in Hyrule Market, and buy it for free him from his bondage, creating a bond between the two for life. So it is cruel and wicked that Ganon manages to cast a hex on this dragon. seven years later of what happened and forcing him to terrorize the Gorons; making his fall to Link really hard, because having to kill a dear friend it is inhumanly difficult.


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