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This would be One Piece if it were an anime series Shojo




Scared nami
The chapters pass and One Piece never ceases to amaze its fans. After a memorable flashback by Gol D. Roger, the manga focused almost exclusively on the figure of Kozuki Oden and his rebellion against Orochi's rise to power. The story of the Wano arc makes more sense now and soon the Straw Hat pirates will have to face Kaido and his minions. In Japan this type of anime has the Shonen category, which literally means "boy". This means that One Piece is a series aimed at a male audience, where action is its main feature. What if One Piece were Shojo, the female equivalent from Shonen?

It would change the story a lot because in Japan they consider that an anime Shojo, which has a female audience, is about teen themes, high school, girls or romantic plots

. No action. Artist Yoko Maki has turned One Piece into a shojo anime through an illustration featuring the protagonists as high school students. In it we can see many of the female protagonists such as Nami, Reiju or Carrot, who also has a very realistic cosplay. But Luffy is also dressed in a high school uniform, but without losing the colors that define the character.

As you can see, it is presented as a sweeter and more fantasy world with a more realistic argument. What do you think about the idea? Perhaps it was inspired by the noodle ads that turned the protagonists of One Piece into students. I don't know about you, but Sanji approves.

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