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Tom Payne would love to be the new Wolverine



Tom Payne would love to be the new Wolverine

Hugh Jackm an has undoubtedly stood out in the cinema for his portrayal as Wolverine in the various X-Men films produced by FOX. Now that the character's story ended with the 2017 movie "Logan," and Disney currently has the rights to the character, fans are wondering when Wolverine would arrive in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have stories with other superheroes we've already seen in film adaptations.

While There's still a long way to go before the X-Men return Being played by new actors, fans are still looking for someone who is perfect to replace Hug Jackman's good performance. Previously, Tom Hardy was one of the ideal candidates even for his predecessor, but this was chosen to play Venom, which makes him one of the discarded, even though he is in the Sony universe.

Recently, however, Tom Payne, the actor who plays Paul Monroe "Jesus" in The Walking Dead series, has been on an interview with Comicbook

where he said that even though there is factors not fully compliant, he would love to be the new Wolverine.

I told you before, but I think it might be a Wolverine more appropriate for height. I think because I am a smaller person. I can't remember what episode it is, but there is a Prodigal Son episode where I wake up in my underwear and as you can see I can put on the meat! I can do it! Definitely Hugh Jackman, he's so tall and big, he had to eat so much. It's like Chris Hemsworth. You have to eat so much and spend so much money on food. I think I would have to do a little less work, but it's still a great thing. ”

Apparently height is very important when it comes to portraying Wolverine, as Hugh Jackman is 6 feet taller than Tom Payne, which makes the actor realize that it is not enough to do the role, but this is not something that should be a big problem, since it could be a different version than what we have been used to, a Wolverine something small, but with enough agility and ability to perform lethal acts.

Similarly, Marvel Studios has not yet revealed any special candidates for the role of Wolverine, so you have to wait a little longer to see when the character will return to theaters.

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