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Twitch Prime offers Turok and four other games for free in April




Stephany Nunneley
Tuesday, March 31, 2020, GMT

Twitch Prime members can download five free games next month, one of which is the classic dinosaur first-person shooter Turok.

If you are a Twitch Prime As a member, you will automatically become an Amazon Prime user, and you can download five free titles in April.

Free game as mentioned above Turok, Puzzle platformer Etherborn, First person puzzle game Light matterrole playing game Ground lockAnd click on the adventure title Kathy Rain.

There will also be some new free loot in April, and now there are many drop items available.

Here are Twitch Prime or April launches:

  • Now Available: Apex Legends-Phantom Lucky Charm Skin
  • Now Available: DOOM Eternal-Exclusive DOOMicom Slayer Master Series
  • Now Available: Borderlands 3-Exclusive Super Shotgun and 3 Golden Keys
  • Now Available: Destiny 2-Legendary Ship, Exotic Prometheus Weapon Accessories, Exotic Ghost
  • Now Available: Rainbow 6 Siege-Pizza Party Skin and Mozzi Charm
  • Now available: League of Legends Drop 3-Permanent Skin Mystery
  • Now Available: Team Tactics Drop 3 – Mysterious Little Legend Egg
  • Now Available: Rune Legends-Champion Card Slots, Expedition Runs, Rare and Epic Cards
  • Now Available: Ring of Elysium 3-3 Weapon Leather, Exclusive Equipment, 3 Storage Boxes
  • Now Available: World of Tanks-Exclusive Care Package
  • Now available: Assault Shadow Legends-6 Legendary ATK Artifacts, 3 3 Day XP Boosts
  • Now Available: Black Desert Mobile Drop 7-Karlstein Clothing and Chest
  • Now available: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Drop 1-Hanzo permanent skin + hero and skin trial card
  • Now available: Mafia City, Prime Bundle Drop 1: 50 gold coins, 10k Freight X5, 10k Cash X5, 5 minutes of building and 5 minutes of training acceleration X2
  • April 1: Prime Free Games-Turok, Etherborn, Light Matter, Earthlock, Kathy Rain
  • April 7: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Drop 2 – Amazon Prime Chest + Hero and Skin Trial Card
  • April 10: Mafia City Prime Bundle drops 2-50 gold coins, 10k Freight X5, 10k Cash X5, 5 minutes construction and 5 minutes Inute training to accelerate X2
  • April 14: Black Desert Mobile Drop 8 – Epic Box
  • April 21: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Drop 3 – Amazon Prime Chest + Hero and Skin Trial Card
  • April 24: Mafia City Prime Bundle 3-50 Gold Coins, 10,000 Freight X5, 10 K Cash X5, 5 Minute Construction and 5 Minute Training Acceleration X2

Enjoy your freebie.

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