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Ubisoft takes Google and Apple to court over a Rainbow Six Siege clone – News




A real success with more than 60 million registered players, Rainbow Six Siege seems to have given some ideas to the Chinese giant Alibaba and its subsidiary Ejoy, which has been offering the free-to-play shooting game Area F2 on smartphones for a few weeks. A title that Ubisoft would like to see disappear from the App Store and Google Play digital stores.

"Area F2 is an almost exact copy of Rainbow Six Siege, it's indisputable. All aspects of the game are taken from R6S, from the Operator selection screen to the final score screen, and all that there is between the two "

Ubisoft Advises In Los Angeles Federal Court Complaint Friday As Reported Bloomberg. You can see the similarities for yourself in the video below offered by Throw Central.

Ubisoft indicates that it contacted Apple and Google for this "copyright infringement", but both refused to remove the game from their respective application store and are therefore affected by this complaint. The publisher has not specified why attack the two American firms and not the game publisher, Alibaba and its subsidiary Ejoy, but as raised Engadget

, taking legal action against a Chinese company on an intellectual property issue is a much more complex process.

It remains to be seen whether Ubisoft will succeed, the case just beginning. So far, neither Google nor Apple have made any comments. For their part, the developers of Area F2 defended themselves by indicating that the game has been developed independently for two years and that there is no copyright infringement. "We respect Ubisoft and our legal teams are already in contact with them", they said (via Daniel Ahmad).

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