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Valorant players let the enemy win to harm him




I'm just simply asking if this is prohibited or not; These people in ranked kept losing the pistol fight. Every time they'd lose it, the Brimstone / Raze would just team kill them, thus they would start the new round with about 5k each. And apparently, "everyone does that". from r / VALORANT

The Valorant players have discovered a strange exploit: it makes more sense to the enemy in some rounds to grant victory by suicideto win as yourself. And the game mechanics make this tactic possible.

According to the motto "You can't kill me if I do it myself!" Abilities from Brimstone or Raze their entire team and prevent the opponent from doing it.

What do the players get out of it?

The enemy team wasted his 3,000 credits for the win to buy equipment, however, does not receive the regular credit bonuses for kills or the ultimate orbs to use their best skills.

The "loser", on the other hand, receives 1,900 credits for the first round lost and 500 more for each further round until it is one Maximum of 2,900 credits

to get. Since they assume that they will not win the respective rounds anyway, they do not mind the victory point for the enemy.

Summarized the situation looks like this:

  • Team 1 wins the pistol round and starts round 2 with SMGs
  • Team 2 does not buy anything on Round 2 and commits suicide. Team 1 gets no bonus money for kills and the like.
  • Team 1 must now play round 3 with SMGs.
  • Team 2 buys armor, rifles and utilities in round 3.

Does that really make sense?

On Reddit, players discuss whether it really makes sense to use this tactic. For example, user Attica451 notes that you get 200 credits for every kill. If an entire thing takes care of itself, the opponent lacks 1,000 credits in the next round. If, on the other hand, you manage to kill a single enemy with armor and a specter, you already cost the enemy 2,600 credits.

However, many other users such as fluxty and SkitzoControl think that it is worth it. The damage you do to your opponent be worth the further defeat. This way, you can compensate for the chances with this procedure despite a gift of a round.

Are there potential countermeasures?

The community therefore wants a fix. You get ideas for this from the example of Counter-Strike. Because that once suffered from a very similar problem. The tactical shooter did a number of things for remedy:

  • Team damage is multiplied at the beginning of the round.
  • Those who inflict too much damage on their team are temporarily excluded from matchmaking.
  • The opposing team receives the usual kill reward for suicide.

Since this is an exploit and not a cheat, even Valorant's anti-cheat tool Vanguard does not help. Because this tactic happens entirely under the rules of the game. Should the developer Riot Games classify it as unfair behavior, there could still be bans.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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