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Video game ‘’ The Smurfs ’’ is in preparation at Microids – News




The French publisher Microids and the IMPS company announce to collaborate to adapt the famous license of the Smurfs in video game

A video game "The Smurfs" is in preparation at Microids

Aged over 60, the saga The Smurfs will have known a good number of video game adaptations, and this, since 1982. The blue characters of the comic strip signed Peyo will soon be exported in a new 3D action-adventure game developed by OSome Studio. The title will be playable alone or with others and promises to exploit certain classic sections of the work, "humor, emotion, friendship, suspense for action

Elliot Grassiano, Vice President of Microids says:

We are very pleased with the signing of this agreement with IMPS! Thanks to this intergenerational license combined with the know-how of OSome Studio, with which we have already collaborated on family games, we want to bring together players in the fabulous universe of the Smurfs. The worldwide success of this license will also allow us to further extend our notoriety across the Atlantic and to consolidate our position as a major player in video games internationally.

More details are now waiting to be revealed on this new production. Recall that recently, Microids also announced adapting the adventures of Tintin in video games as part of a collaboration with Moulinsart.

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