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Vodafone: Internet provider announces maintenance work




Multiple services may cause failure

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Are you currently having trouble using the Vodafone service? This may be related to the maintenance work that the provider started at 11pm on April 4 today. We will inform you which services are affected and how long it takes to work.

Vodafone will perform maintenance on the evening of April 4-5. These activities start at 11pm on April 4th and are expected to end at 9am on April 5th. During this period, the following services may be restricted:

  • My Vodafone [Web Portal and Application]
  • MeinKabel Customer Portal
  • Wired mail
  • GigaTV application
  • F-safe
  • Vodafone Community

Affected cities and regions

  • Hamburger
  • Munich
  • New isenburg
  • Berlin

Most common disease

  • DSL connection [47.28%]
  • TV connection [21.20%]
  • Login [1.90%]
  • Mobile Internet [10.05%]
  • Mobile communication [4.62%]
  • Telephone [11.41%]
  • Website [3.53%]
Vodafone "Class =" Reset Laziness

The fault detector of

We will continuously evaluate the availability of Vodafone servers and services and show you any problems or malfunctions. Here, you will find the current fault status of Vodafone, the support address and the manufacturer's news about this issue. There you can also see if the outage is local or national.

You can always see the current faults and problems in our fault detector. Here, we list the most important internet providers, network providers, online games and streaming services. You can also use our speed test to test your own line for problems.

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