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What if in Pokémon we could fuse all creatures? That's what the new indie RPG Cassette Beasts proposes




Every time a new game arises that mimics the formula PokemonNormally, it maintains some of the pillars of the Game Freak saga. For example in Temtem We catch bugs that evolve as you level up. However, Cassette Beasts proposes something different.

In this newly announced indie RPG we don't send monsters to fight, but we become them. Not only that, since it also has a whole mechanic dedicated to the fusion between these, giving rise to lots of possible combinations. Here you have the trailer in all its glory.

The collection of critters is maintained, of course. Only instead of catching them, the "we record" on a cassette tape, hence the title. The battles are in turns and two against two. On our side are the two protagonists, and each can transform into a different beast and then merge.

Of course, that exploration component is not missing either, which, according to the trailer, places us in an open world. The truth is that aesthetically it is a delight, with a mix between pixel art and 3D that enters through the eyes.

Those responsible are Bytten Studio, a new developer made up of former employees of Chucklefish. There doesn't seem to be a release date yet, but we know it's confirmed. for steam. In the meantime, you can try this simple demo that allows us to merge some of their bichejos to see how they look.


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