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What is the strongest character of each race?





The Dragon Ball franchise features some of the most powerful heroes and villains in the anime and manga scene. Of course, we all know the sheer strength of characters like Goku, Vegeta, Broly, or Beerus. But have you ever stopped to think about which are the strongest characters of each species?

In the Dragon Ball saga all kinds of races inhabit, in fact throughout the anime episodes we have seen all kinds of creatures of different species coexist walking through the cities and getting involved in all kinds of plots. What's more, Dragon Ball tells us the story of multiple galaxies of an immense Multiverse that present us with the most picturesque and disparate races.

Throughout this article we will tell you which characters are the strongest of each race in Dragon Ball, and you may get a few surprises …

The most powerful characters of each Dragon Ball race


Broly Angry Dragon Ball Super

We will start the list with the Saiyans. Although Goku is undoubtedly one of the most powerful saiyans in the Dragon Ball universe, he is not the strongest. That honor belongs to Broly, the legendary super saiyan. Broly had not appeared for a long time, but he returned with a stellar appearance in the movie Dragon Ball Super. In it, Broly demonstrates that his strength is superior to that of any other Saiyan, even being almost on par with the strength of the most powerful fusions in the Universe. In fact, it is possible that Broly has not yet reached his full potential and that we will soon see his final form.


Krillin in armor in Dragon Ball

From what we have seen in the Dragon Ball franchise, compared to warriors of other races, humans are quite … weak. Although it is true that real life humans would not have much to do against Dragon Ball humans. But unfortunately, the strongest human in the franchise's characters would fall defeated against the most powerful of other species with no need to lift a finger. Be that as it may, there must be a stronger human, right? And that human is none other than Krillin. Time and time again, the good guy from Krillin has proven to be able to overcome all kinds of challenges. And it represents us with great fidelity, as proof that the human race can overcome itself with effort, work and sacrifice.

Frieza's race (Changlong)

Angry Frieza

There is no doubt that Frieza is one of the most fearsome, cruel and charismatic villains in Dragon Ball. But does anyone know what his race is this evil planet destroyer? Akira Toriyama himself revealed that he belongs to the Changlong race. Throughout the anime and manga series we have seen various creatures of this breed, especially from Frieza's family, but how could it be otherwise the strongest character is himself Freezer. He was already a worthy opponent for super saiyans without the need to train hard. Imagine how powerful he became when he trained enough to become a Golden Frieza.


Vegeta and Android 18 fight in Dragon Ball

Dr. Zero created in his laboratory a new species of androids with simply amazing powers. And the strongest android of them all is none other than Super 17. This android was born after Dr. Zero and Dr. Mu created a duplicate of Android 17 and merged it with the original. The result was an android with enormous strength that we could see in Dragon Ball GT.



The planet Namek has given life to the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball, but the strongest of them we have seen born here on Earth. Is about Piccolo junior. So is. Who would have imagined that when Goku hit King Piccolo, the egg he would throw through his throat would end up becoming one of the most beloved characters in the saga? It is true that Piccolo has not always been such a strong warrior, but it has been wonderful to enjoy how the character has evolved and how this strange green being has been acquiring and improving his skills.



The angels or servants of the Gods have absolutely insane powers. The most powerful of them is Daishinkan, a curious blue-skinned creature that is under the command of the God Zeno Sama. Despite his kind and harmless appearance, this angel is the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. That's right, it's not only the most powerful in its universe, but of all the universes in the franchise. It is 9 times more powerful than Zeno Sama himself. If one of us dared to face him, probably all the molecules in our body would end up destroyed with a simple whisper of his voice.

Got damn


Throughout all the adventures that the Dragon Ball franchise has told us, we have seen a lot of cruel and terrible demons. Among them, the strongest is Demigrates, the Demon King. His powers are not comparable to those of many other races, but thanks to the dark Dragon Balls he managed to regain his youth and all his power, causing many problems for our beloved heroes.

Kaio-shin gods


The Kaio-shin Gods are guardians who are dedicated to guarding the different Galaxies belonging to the Dragon Ball Multiverse. The most powerful of them is the Great Kaio-shin from Universe 7. Despite her looks, her strength is impressive.


Zeno Sama

To finish, it was necessary to include in this article of the strongest characters Beerus, the God of destruction of Dragon Ball. Its power is enormous. His cat appearance is not a mere whim of the creator, but has a great impact on his personality: he is playful, he has a certain obsession with food and he sleeps long, long, long. But it wouldn't be fair, since the most powerful God in the whole Multiverse is the adorable and childish Zeno Sama.

What do you think about the strongest characters of each race? Take a good look at this video of CBR to know more details about them!

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