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Where to watch all the exciting programs of Summer Game Fest, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.




E3 2020 has been cancelled. However, even if there is no large-scale exhibition to announce their projects, the game's largest developer and publisher must still show their lineup somewhere.

Here, you can check everyone ’s surprises anytime, anywhere in summer 2020.

For each upcoming game, please view our full list here.

Sony – PS5 Live June 4th (rumors)

It is expected that 2020 will still be the beginning of a new generation of consoles. PS5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series X are scheduled to be released by the end of the year.

Although no official date has been announced, there are rumors that Sony plans to hold a new PS5 live broadcast event in early June. Further sources speculate that we may see it soon June 4.

Xbox Series X-Xbox 20/20 streaming per month

Microsoft did not stick to the usual E3 style single show feast, but chose to run a series of Xbox 20/20 events until the release of the X series.

The first event is in progress May 7, We got new details about Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

Because it matches well with the usual E3 display stand In June, You might expect the next Xbox 20/20 stream to include a lot of announcements:

After that, the flow will continue every month, Including the new Halo game in July.

Summer Games Festival-May 12-August 24

It seems that in response to the chaos in E3, Game Awards executive producer Geoff Keighley announced the Summer Games Festival, promising to "celebrate video games all over the world" from May to August.

The festival should include games from:

  • 2K
  • Activision
  • Bandai Namco
  • Bethesda
  • snowstorm
  • Bunge
  • CDPR
  • Digital limit
  • EA
  • Sony
  • Private sector
  • Riot games
  • Square Enix
  • steam
  • Warner Bros
  • Xbox

Up May 12, The first "sunrise" stream will start at 5 pm BST, 12 noon Eastern Time and 9 am Pacific Time, including "Surprise Game Show"

You can watch it below:

Then May 13, We will receive SGF special event, which includes a larger display and interview from Keighley.

A month later, June 11, CD Projekt Red will show more "cyberpunk 2077" material (even if we have now exceeded the original release date of the game).

Then, the latest news so far has finally been announced, and Keighley will show his usual Gamescom Opening Night Live digitally August 24.

Valve – Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition June 9-14

Under the protection of the summer game festival, Valve will also host another Steam game festival.

Here you can download a large number of demos of unreleased games and add them to your wish list.

Visit the official page here to set reminders.

EA – EA Play June 12

With the support of the Summer Games Festival, EA will also showcase its usual E3 program – EA Play.

Looking forward to updating all its major sports franchises as well as Battlefield, Star Wars and some possible new dramas.

Ubisoft – Ubisoft Advances July 12

Between Assassin's Creed, Watchdog and all other products in the roster, Ubisoft has a lineup of 2020/2021 series.

You will be able to find out more about July 12.

Devolver Digital-Use Devolver directly

Devolver Digital's mocking Devolver Direct has always been the highlight of the E3 schedule.

Devolver went to Twitter to announce that the show is in progress, but no specific date has been set yet.

Nintendo – the next Nintendo Direct

The last Nintendo Direct Mini was very good as early as March 26, we saw Xenoblade Chronicles and Bravely Default 2 here.

Nintendo took the lead when it launched its E3 Treehouse Live event a few years ago, and will May drop a similar stream in mid-June.

Bethesda – Bethesda at home

Bethesda is another E3 regular show. Although it has not yet announced its alternative show, the publisher runs a series of Bethesda At Home streams every week.

The current highlight seems to be "The Elder Scrolls Online": May 15 (Friday) at 4pm Eastern Standard Time (9pm Pacific Standard Time, 1pm Pacific Time) Greymoor Stream

Square Enix – stay at home and play

Like Bethesda, Square Enix has not announced a live broadcast, but is currently running #stayhomeandplay and offers free games and discounts.

Google – Stadia Connect

The most recent Stadia Connect was released on April 28, and it showed a large number of games on the Google streaming platform.

When we enter the usual E3 time, please look forward to another series of announcements.

Capcom-multiple new titles

Capcom is another publisher with no fixed circulation, but it is clearly preparing to release multiple new games by March 2021, with Resident Evil 8 having the highest circulation.

Watch this space to learn more.

Blizzard – Blizzard 2020

Although not strictly in the summer, Blizzcon usually fills a lot of announcements, but understandably, it is put on hold.

Although no online alternatives have been discussed, it is not impossible for news to be distributed online at some point.

E3 exhibitors in 2020

For a complete list of all of the persons who have allegedly declared bankruptcy, here is the roster of companies to be displayed at E3 2020:

  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Amazon Game Studio
  • Bad button studio
  • Bandai NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.
  • Bethesda Software
  • Capcom USA, Inc.
  • Click Entertainment
  • Audiovisual
  • Shenzhen Silver Co., Ltd.
  • Epic Games
  • Funcom
  • Gaming loft
  • Fuel
  • GTR simulator
  • GungHo Online Entertainment
  • HORI America
  • Hyperkin, Inc.
  • Kalypso Media Group
  • Contro Flick
  • Limited edition games
  • LGA Enterprise
  • CNC software
  • nDreams
  • Next level racing
  • Nintendo of America
  • Nvidia
  • Pure art
  • Oculus from Facebook
  • RDS Industries Inc.
  • Rebellion
  • SEGA
  • Square Enix, Inc.
  • With two interactive software
  • Taste maker
  • Technical movement
  • THQ Nordic
  • Ubisoft Entertainment
  • UCC issuing company
  • Paracosma Untitled VR
  • Warner Bros. Games
  • Xbox
  • XSEED games
  • Xsolla

We will update this page according to the schedule, so please return to the latest page!

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