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Why did PlayStation stop attending E3 with a conference?




Last year, Sony decided not to attend E3 2019 and show their news in their own digital event, as other companies like Nintendo had done before. This year, the world's largest video game fair won't be held because of the coronavirus, but before it was canceled, Sony had already decided it wouldn't attend either. Now, Adam Boyes, a former vice president of third-party relations at PlayStation, has spoken about the matter and explained the reasons why Sony would have decided to stop going to E3 after more than two decades without missing the event.

As explained by the former Sony executive in statements collected by the media PushSquare, the decision not to attend E3 anymore with PlayStation's own conference seems to have been made due to the times that are running today. According to him, type digital events State of play, Nintendo Direct or Inside Xbox They work very well and with them they can give faster and more accurate information to users who prefer it that way.

“Today we are migrating to a more compilation based approach. We are in the middle of the age TickTock, where everything is faster. It's a ‘give it to me now'. People just want to see new things and events like E3 they are outdated. The new way to show the trailers is more focused on what the fans want. ”

Therefore, always heeding the words of Adam Boyes, which should not be taken as an official source of Sony By no longer working with them, PlayStation would have made the decision to stop going to E3 to focus more on providing quick information to users with its own short events in the style of the recent Ghost of Tsushima's State of Play

. In this way, the company can show its games in more detail and, in addition, do it in a more dynamic and precise way than if it did at a large fair with its own conference.

Playstation E3
Big conferences are already history.

On the other hand, although Boyes has not mentioned it, it is clear that the cost of conducting online events such as State of Play is much less than that of mounting all the paraphernalia of an E3 type conference, so the economic factor could also have had a significant influence in which more and more large companies prefer not to attend the Los Angeles fair to show their news virtually.

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