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Will CoD Warzone continue underground soon? Leak shows change



Will CoD Warzone continue underground soon?  Leak shows change

CoD Warzone should get a subway, claim several leakers.

Slowly but surely, Season 6 of Call of Duty: Warzone is approaching. Although there is no official release date yet, there are already numerous hints and leaks about the possible changes. The latest rumor has it that the Battle Royale will go underground with a new subway system. What could it be all about?

Attention, leak! The following information is not officially confirmed, but comes from reliable sources. Nevertheless, you should of course remain reasonably skeptical.

Next stop: Warzone?

Where does the leak come from?

Rumors of an underground system with seven stops began to emerge as early as the beginning of August. At the time, they came from the usually well-informed leaker BKTOOR, who shared a picture on Twitter:

Link to Twitter content

Now the leak is also being reinforced by other sources. The well-known portal ModernWarzone writes about it on Twitter short and sweet:

“Subway stations will come in Season 6 of Modern Warfare and Warzone.”

Another credible clue was discovered by gamers. On a screenshot that was streamed as part of the CoD League, “Mindscrambler” discovered a new subway station that is not yet in the game. Geeky Pastimes also shared the picture on Twitter:

Link to Twitter content

The subway leaks to the test

How likely is that? There are already underground stations on the Verdansk map, but they are still closed. It was the same with the stadium: At first the building was inaccessible, but with Season 5 the entrances opened. So it would definitely be possible for the subway to be built into the game in the same way.

What can you do there? If the subway system really gets to Warzone, then the stations should become new mini-arenas, similar to what is now the case in the stadium and train stations. You may also be able to take the subway to get to different places on the map faster.

When is Season 6 coming? This is not yet officially known. The Modern Warzone Battle Pass expires on September 28, 2020, the new season should start immediately afterwards. Here you can read what

Does this have something to do with CoD: Cold War?

It is already known that Warzone and the new Call of Duty will be closely linked. The Battle Royale map will probably change at the start of CoD Cold War. And then there are the rumors of a nuclear explosion that just won't silence. Underground stations where players can take shelter would of course be an excellent fit. So far, however, these are only speculations.

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