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Xbox Series X: France is one of the priority countries in terms of stocks – News




Still scheduled for the end of the year despite the current pandemic, the Xbox Series X must be present in sufficient quantity to meet demand. While the production of the consoles has probably started, the question of its availability rate arises.

Asked about it by our colleagues from Xboxygen, Ina Gelbert, president of Xbox France since the departure of Hugues Ouvrard last September, gave details regarding the distribution of consoles

, especially with regard to France:

The choice we made on this launch is really to be present in more countries than at the launch of the Xbox One. Today, I see no risk for France, in any case. But if tomorrow, a few days before launch, there is a huge containment in the world … that, there is not much we can do. Anyway, in our plan today, we have the launch units. France is in the priority countries. Now, will we have enough … (…)

The latter also recalls that her role as president from Xbox France is also from make it clear in high places that the hexagon has a sufficient player base to make French territory a priority. In the last news, Microsoft had not yet announced the number of Xbox Series X that will be available at launch.

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