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Xbox Series X will have a standard rate of 60fps, according to Aaron Greenberg




Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing Manager, confirmed today that the console next-gen the company will have a standard frame rate of 60fps. This has been assured today by a Twitter user who asked Greenberg to force developers to choose between game performance and image quality so that 60 frames per second could return to consoles.

60fps will be the standard, but you can go up to 120fps

Greenberg has responded with a clear and forceful tweet published from his official account on the social network. In it he says that the standard throughput will be 60 frames per second, but that even more can be achieved: "60fps will be the standard output, but the architecture (of Xbox Series X) allows us to go up to 120fps", the brand's marketing manager has responded.

After the recent Inside Xbox Focused on Xbox Series X games the company published a list of all the titles presented and, next to it, the performance they will have on the company's next-gen console. In it you can see that five of the thirteen games shown at the event run at 60fps

, while only one, Dirt5, confirmed that it runs at 120fps. The rest did not provide data on their framerate.

And, in the end, the fluidity of the game will depend on each title. Just a few days ago, statements from the Frogwares studio, developers of The Sinking City, in which they were reticent before the promises of the companies of a framerate of 60fps in all the games. These creators did not talk so much about the power of the console, but rather about the creation process; Achieving that standard is not as straightforward for some studios with fewer resources as for others: "I think more and more developers will offer you to choose between resolution and framerate. I personally hope 60fps will become the standard, but optimization is not that easy, especially for smaller studios.

"said Sergey Oganesya, head of communication for the study.

Moreover recently the creators of Chorus: Rise as One They spoke wonders of development on Xbox Series X saying they felt "a lot more freedom" when developing because I didn't need to worry "as much about the framerate as before, you can just raise it to the maximum", declared Johannes Kuhlmann, sentencing the following: "In the end it is easier to develop for Xbox Series X than for any other console".


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