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You can miss parts of the story in The Last of Us Part II



Cordyceps is slowly but tirelessly approaching our PlayStation 4. Naughty dog is heating up the environment ahead of the launch of The Last of Us Part II with a series of videos that allow us to get closer to various aspects of the game. The last, focused on gameplay, has left a most interesting detail regarding the level design of the title. TLOU 2 has such a big world that players could miss parts of the story.

The full video shows the game mechanics and other important aspects of Ellie's interaction with the world around her here. In fact, you can read all the details here. Anthony Newman, co-director of the game, It provides some statements in it that reflect much of the work of the team devoted to this title:

“When we came up with the level design, we wanted to challenge ourselves by making a world that really is a real space and didn't feel like a series of combat encounters and exploration sections, and encounters that were like a Hall of Terror or something like that, we needed it to be something you could explore, to feel like a legitimate urban setting. ”

the last of us part ii ellie horse
The graphic quality of the environments in The Last of Us Part II aims to exceed all limits

The most interesting thing about these statements, in addition to making it clear that they have sought an absolute immersion in the world of TLOU 2, is the confirmation that “There are complete moments in history, entire encounters” that players can be lost by not going through the parts where they take place. Something that will cause more than one to end up having a different general experience and that gives a tremendous versatility to their approach, delving especially into the constant sensation of discovery that their game world facilitates.

The Last of Us Part II is very close

There is less than a month left so we can get into the skin of Ellie and continue with the story that the first The Last of Us left us. TLOU Part II goes on sale next June 19, after a last minute delay caused by COVID-19. The new Naughty Dog for PlayStation 4 is celebrating its closeness with an emoji on Twitter that fans and non-fans can use freely, and that makes it clear that a huge story is coming.

A launching which is the first step towards the next generation of consoles and that will not leave anyone indifferent. There is little left to see what the study has prepared and what history we are going to live, but we already know that it will not be easy to digest and that violence will give a lot to talk about in this case. Are you ready?

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BOOK IT FOR € 54.90 (€ 69.99)


▪ Release date: 05/29/2020

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