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Yusuke Murata from One Punch Man dares with a sketch of Mega Man




Yusuke Murata is an exceptional cartoonist as his work in One Punch Man shows, but you also have time outside your work hours to dedicate yourself to make amazing sketches like this one so lively from Saitama or illustrations that take away the sense like this beautiful and incredible tribute to Pokémon. Today he surprised us with a cool sketch of mega man with a very challenging pose.

This concept can be seen in Murata's Twitter and we love for its simplicity but accurate eye

with the proportions and warrior attitude of Mega Man. We suppose that Murata like games in the Mega Man saga (us too) and that is why it pays a particular tribute to this hero straight out of video games.

What do you think from this Mega Man sketchDo you like how Murata did it? We do and we hope that continue to delight us with your art, so necessary in these times.

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