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Excellent Digital Art Software Colors! Doing Good Return Kokuguquko lweNintendo




One of the Nintendo 3DS & # 39; s most quirky – again was well received Existing apps Colors! 3DDigital art, packet enable everyone from entry level to professional artists to create and share breathtaking precision. Now, the new installation is in the works of Nintendo Switch.

Program designer, founder and programmer, Jens Andersson, today launched a new Kickstarter to keep the work going and changing. It's called Live colors

, and it extends to the previous entry by adding a touch of sensitivity (thanks to the Colors SonarPen integrated) and a new and challenging game mode called the Colors kit.

The pen is a very interesting piece of kit that actually works by connecting to a switchboard headphone jack. Sensitivity to pressure, which means that paint the most realistic way than before, and also introduces a feature & # 39; to refuse kwentende & # 39; which lets you rest your hand on the screen while you paint.

You can also promise your support on Kickstarter here. Page notes that Colors Live is "ready to ship", planning for a summer release.

Are you trying Colors! 3D on the 3DS? Would you consider giving her this job? Let us view below.


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