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Famitsu interviews the winner of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament organized by his company – iGamesNews




Famitsu has recently interviewed Seisaku Matsukawa, worker who won a tournament Super Smash Bros. Ultimate organized by the company you work for, Taisho Pharmaceuticals.

Well, it turns out that this winner has commented in that interview what most like the title, which are you currently playing on the hybrid console or your favorite fighters, among other things.

We leave you some fragments of this interview below:

Famitsu: Your love for the title is more than apparent. (laughs) Please, tell us why you decided to use Palutena in the tournament and if there is any other fighter you like.

Matsukawa: The tournament rules were item time battles, so we looked for a character who was strong in that match, fast enough to be able to help the partner and also easy to control. For this, Palutena was the best option. On the day of the tournament my partner had everything under control, so he didn't need any help and I had the chance to win easily. Also, another character I like is Joker. His speed, combo power, unique mechanics, and power make him very good, and personally, I think there are no better fighters.

Famitsu: Are there any other titles you play besides Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Matsukawa: I've recently been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I love those adorable animals like hamsters and seals. so I hope to choose well which animals come to live on my island, although my first residents were gorillas and monkeys (laughs) I thought about restarting the game, but I think it was my destination, and I live on the edge of the island.

Finally, we invite you to read the full interview here.

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