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Megabyte Punch Developer "Left in the Dark" After Nintendo Games Draws Change to a Shop




We've all heard of games that were put together in a strange way from the switch switch in the Shop, and the latest one that seems to be missing in some states is Team Reptile Megabyte Punch.

In the email, a small studio from the Netherlands (and previously responsible for it Lethal League Blaze) explained how it released its "electro hit & # 39; m-up" game at Nintendo switchch last Friday, May 8th. The game was already "broken" even by the developer until the public realized users in Europe and Australia were unable to buy the title in the eShop.

We don't know why this happened and we were not informed by Nintendo about this. We have received but not yet received a response. At the time of writing, the game was still available for purchase for at least 12 hours in Europe and Australia.

The other is that it can be a technical problem with the eShop, and another has been reduced due to the interruption. The developer goes on to admit that there were bugs in the title but says it's no different from any new releases. The pool is already being processed:

Nintendo itself has tested the game to make sure it fits their standard standards. On top of that, a pool is already being explored that solved several bugs found in the game. But it would not imply that the game is not only available in certain regions.

Team Reptile said it was "completely left in the dark" and wanted to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Given that it's a week now, we can't see if this issue is being addressed anytime soon, but if there are any updates, we'll be sure to let you know. It's also worth pointing out the game still available North America.

Did you notice that Megabyte Punch was lost in the selected regions? Any idea why? Share your thoughts below.


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