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More than 232,000 Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides have been sold in Japan and hundreds of people are queuing to buy one – iGamesNews




As we recently shared with you, it seems that Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is not the only thing that is sweeping sales. Gaming related products are also being very successful. Kinokuniya, one of the most popular in Japan, shared its weekly sales lists and it was possible to see how in the period covered between April 27 and May 3 2020's official Animal Crossing: New Horizons guidelines had been placed among the top spots.

We remind you that there are two versions of the guide: the first is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Complete Guide and Super Catalog, published by Nintendo Dream, which contains 1,216 pages of content, and the second is the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Complete Guide

, published by Kadokawa, which has 1,072 pages.

Well, today we have two good news about the New Horizons guides that were released in Japan last month. Oricon, a search engine for the best-selling books in Japan, has revealed the sales figures of the two official guides that were released in April 2020 in Japan. These are the data that has been shared:

  • Kadokawa's guide debuted in first place, selling 152 836 pieces.
  • The Nintendo Dream guide came in second, moving some respectable 79 182 copies.
  • The total sum of the two books is 232 018 copies.

But there does not end the thing, since thanks to Yahoo Japan we have been able to know that the bookstore Shinjuku's Kinokuniya, which was closed for 3 weeks due to the state of alarm, reopened its doors to a row of over 100 people who wanted to buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides. Guides have become very difficult to get online, so people go to stores to try their luck.

Although many data today can be known through the network, the truth is that having a physical guide makes it have an added value for any collector, so in the end it is one more element to take into account.

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