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Nintendo Accused Of Managing Legacy Flip Game On Switches, And Fans Have Fun




At the end of last week, a "new" shooter appeared Coin: Recovery Time appeared on the Nintendo switchch at the Shop. Unlike most games, the official description of the eShop is surprisingly short, and available as we speak under the lament:

Become a Bullet – get rid of bad guys using a variety of weapons, explore features like driving cars or tanks, helicopters or jet aircraft. There are many achievements and openings that will help spread chaos in the city.

Though it looks like a cheap and happy facelift, Bullet: Recovery Time has been causing quite a stir online since its launch. It turns out that this is new Grand Theft AutoIssues such as what is known as a commodity asset, where the developer can legally buy a package of pre-made goods, do nothing to change it without giving it a new title, and then releasing it to the world for profit.

We actually started doing something a few years ago when it became clear that Wii U's main developer in the RCMADIAX was just changing the screens of the title & # 39; game developers & # 39; and then sell them on Nintendo's digital store.

In this case, the package of goods in question is known as Hammer 2 Reloaded, and anyone can go on again buy the complete game and its merchandise for $ 50. The idea is that devs of the first game can buy from this to have a starting point and learn their way around customizing the world that is already built to make their game. In this case, it seems that the developers simply bought the package and downloaded the game as if it were their own. Here's what the Hammer 2 looks like:

Surprisingly, this is not the first time this has happened; has been many cases in the past when developers bought the Hammer 2 property and released it under a new name, it's usually on Steam. Due to the licensing agreements found in this acquisition, doing so is actually legal, but it never goes down well for game players as you might expect. Seeing such a transfer pass through Nintendo's quality assurance team is sad, to say the least.

The game was mentioned yesterday by the popular YouTuber Jim Sterling, and since then, Nintendo fans have been voicing their concerns online. Here are a few selected comments we received:

EShop is really close to being a Steam base isn't it? No wonder Nintendo lowered their quality mark a long time ago.

The eShop is already filled with mobile ports and a shovel, now we have to blur the cargo planes too?!

Nintendo simply “turned” the “kitchen” into quality control with green light when the gas should be lit.

Do you think such releases should get you into Switch? Would you like a switchch at the Shop to celebrate the original over the cargo tracts, or should there be other games? Share your thoughts with us below.

Thanks to Sup3Rmint for the tip!


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