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Nintendo's Quality of Life explodes And Again in the New Patent




Nintendo & # 39; Quality of Life & # 39; It's been working for years now – the first time we hear it happening in 2014 – but it's been a while since we last received new information. Today, however, it has been revealed that Big N has applied for a patent that affects measuring health information, including user sleep patterns.

The patent includes a basic device that can stay in the user's home and be connected to a mobile device. It has a lot of tricks that probably can make its arms, as stated in the description below the beauty of Japan Nintendo:

The basic device is included in the user's home where – such as a mobile phone is completely accessible. The basic device can also charge the mobile terminal when connected to the communication between the mobile and base devices which can also be made via a network connection such as LAN or Internet.

The Doppler sensor is included in a basic device that receives natural information such as breathing and driving force, in addition to the user's body movements.

The basic device also includes a projector that works with an image located on a wall (including a roof) or screen. Such images can be to get the user to sleep or wake up, or to show an image showing the result of a sleep test when the user wakes up in the morning.

In addition, the basic app includes a camera, speaker, and control unit. The control unit has the CPU and memory, and can also transfer data received by the Doppler sensor to the cellular storage.


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