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Poll: Box Art has become the # 1 – Super Turrican




master you

It's time for another cycle weBox Art Brawl, your opportunity to a church the church to gain height and skillfully commented regional art ever to decorate a video game installation around the world.

Last week the European cover IPikmin 2 And a victory after kokuklabha brothers from Japan and the United States. Yes, the EU cover (which he also used in Canada) won more than half the votes in the details of the lot, with the US version not far behind and Japan suffering the last place.

This week skip back two generations Factor 5 & # 39; s Super Turrican on Super Nintendo. Well done! The shooting by the year 1993, although recently the possibility that the observed (or play) 6MB Director & # 39; s cut of the Game included in all the Analogue Super NT.

Let's talk and look at the elections this week, starting in North America Nobe …

North America


North America uses the art from Turrican II: The Fight Final (As did the European version and the sequel), the game that has given to other platforms. We are surrounded by the cover of the standard-NA Super NES accoutrement

, Including the tag line of tech-brag. Nourished with this kind of thing and the "HIGH-TECH Terror in Dolby SURRound Sound" our righteous tap the button on the right. Below is the welcome to the cover baking here at GAMEPRO and EGM. In fact, the EGM is open, but while the GamePro one gives us shoot this nostalgia (Ah, remember the days of & # 39; Fun Factors & # 39 ;?), It's a box that distractingly bad skins quality key art below.

Transfer the whole thing with a nice logo in red-orange-yellow, not to mention the publisher's logo intelligently from Seika, and a powerful launcher that can be improved.



The cover of the Japan use a completely different art obigxile image of a gun and look unlike iGuyver. We like the gold embossed logo on the burning ball-thing and tell the background the feeling of movement well enough. Blue on the back of the neck we hear little beetles, anyway. And the publisher's logo weTonkin House (oval yellow in the upper right corner), as serious, and pollution.

So once again, decent, but he can live better.


The EU

This European version investigates art used such as NA (perhaps so that the logo is left in the middle without hindering how we look at the big gun) and we see it in other flanking creatures Tony Turrican. Every photo minimized in size when compared with the American version, as is the case with print and logo, and a lot of black yomnyama this flap may be used better.

This version had the seal of it to break the almost yellow box thanksgiving logo Hudson Soft, the real killer wemood if we are faithful. It also loses its tag and doesn't feel (to us) as a self-absorbed, self-absorbed North American cover.

Therefore, there. All their faults, but whatever floats your boat? Click on your favorite and then & # 39; Vote & # 39; let us know below:

And that's your lot in this circle. Join us again next weekend when three other people come down to take over. See you then!


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