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Poll: Rate Your Favorite Games for Nintendo Switch Online NES




The NES Nintendo Change Internet Games

After a slow start, the NES gaming library available as part of the Nintendo switchch Online subscription service has grown to 52 excellent titles, not to mention 26 Super NES games, too. That catalog of games–some of which are absolute classics, stone cold– It's actually a welcome piece of extra pay for anyone paying to play their Switch online games.

These NES games being played on Switch also come with the added bonus of saved locations and a back-up feature, and you can even buy virtual reality controllers that mimic the look and feel of the original. Middle player, this is a great way to enjoy the Classics outside the old mining cone on the roof, or to issue an eBay payment nose with a well.

With 50 NES games now included, we would love your help in the gameplay all available through NSO (Western) subscriptions and finding out which cream of the crop. In the same way in our list of readers listed in the top 50 3DS games, Game Boy games, Nintendo DS games and GameCube games, we look to compile a list of games below based on their user rating on this website.

You can any (or all) using a special tool below. Just scroll through the list of characters and click on the star to find the right match on a scale of 1-10. All of the 52 games currently available are listed below, and you can search your favorites using the search box at the top of the list – type the first few characters and rank them directly in the results that appear. Remember, you score points in games, you should NOT split them from one to ten

– We will manage to integrate the order from all your User Scores.

To reveal the results next week, but for now feel free to rate your favorites from the list below, and maybe blow up the two previous or next weekend!

52 plays, unparalleled classics of the medium, some … not-so-much. Team NL has already ranked 26 Super NES games available for online registration, though we can't deny you the possibility of your voice being there for sometime, so take a closer look at that in the future. In the meantime, lLet us know your NES favorites below and we'll reveal the results later.


Ever since I had the NES, I knew that Nintendo was going to be with me for life. From that NES to SWITCH, I've known all the Nintendo systems.

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