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Spirit of the North developers talk about game inspirations – iGamesNews




Spirit of the North is an adventure and platform video game that takes place in the impressive and mysterious landscapes of Iceland.

Recently, from Merge Games, they have shared the inspirations that have affected them when creating this work in a development blog. We leave you with those who have offered so far below:

To develop Spirit of the North we drew inspiration from Finnish folklore and Icelandic landscapes to create what we believe to be a unique experience for players.

The folklore that inspired Spirit of the North is based on the Finnish legend "Tulikettu". According to legend, when the "Fire Fox" runs over the snowy hills, its tail brushes against the stones and creates sparks. These embers of light ascend to the heavens and form the Northern Lights. The Finnish word for 'Revontulet' from Northern Lights means 'fox fires'.

Some very interesting statements, what do you think of this game? Leave us what you think in the comments!

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