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Sword and Shield Pokémon swindler exposed – iGamesNews




It seems that the community of Pokemon Sword and Shield It has recently been overturned to expose a cheating user. This asked for some of the rarer species of the players and in return gave them nothing more absolute.

It's about the player interestingboi72, which has been exposed on social networks and the Internet recently. This user sent personal messages to Pokémon Sword and Shield players in the game's subreddit stating that he had very rare Pokémon that he would like to exchange.

One of the players he tried to scam, WhiteGatorade69

, has uncovered the situation by publishing some of the messages that interestingboi72 sent him. In them we can read that, after cheating, he simply said: "It is not my fault, idiot, it is a pleasure to do business with you, silly."

Another scam user called kgaulin He has also shared his messages, stating that the scammer always wanted to exchange two things for one and that he always left after the first exchange. "He was exchanging two things for one, so generally in the second operation they would change the only thing I never had a problem with, but he simply retired after the first operation

«, Share.

Player Present-Mic was also scammed: "I was scammed by him and people kept calling me a liar, so I'm glad he finally shows up as the jerk he really is." On the other hand, Tommyd89 shares: «He also cheated me! A little pathetic. I guess we just have to blame ourselves. Annoying but at least we learned a lesson! You're not alone!"

The case has gone viral quickly through the internet due to these and other statements that more scammed users have published. So you know, you have to be very careful with the exchanges that are agreed through the network.

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