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The Complete Darkness Is Gathered To Have A Cheat Menu, But It's Rid Of Away




The Complete Darkness© Nintendo Life

If you are old enough to remember the N64 classic GoldenEye 007, and you may remember that the game revealed a bunch of fake codes that could be inserted to change the game and unlock all the weapons. You might also be one of the many people who were upset by the spiritual sequence, The Complete Darkness

, lacking this feature.

It turns out that there is good reason for what is said. We've been talking to former Rare manager Beau Chesluk to celebrate the game's 20th birthday, and he confirmed that there was a cheat menu in the game, but he cleared it by mistake.

Now is a good time to apologize. At a time when we had to compress it down from 8MB to 4MB, we were going through the code looking for things to delete and got this file from GoldEye where someone inserted all the button keys. And I thought, & # 39; Oh, no illusion of a problem, this must be old. & # 39; So I removed it. Sorry. I'm so sorry.

We'll forgive you, Beau. Time is a great healer, after all.


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