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Tonight We Riot developers wanted their game to be a response to modern neo-conservative military experiences – iGamesNews



Last March it was announced that Tonight We Riot, a title of Pixel Pushers Union 512, would reach Nintendo Switch. The game puts us in a world consumed by capitalism and the consumption of the most banal pleasures and we will have to develop our own revolution. The pixelated style It feels great, without a doubt, a game to have in mind.

While some people do not believe that the politics have a place in games, others think that games provide a unique way to express those thoughts. Well, the developers of Tonight We Riot clearly wanted to venture into the political side of their stuff, and in an interview with Kotaku, the development team member Stephen Meyer

He spoke of providing a different voice.

These have been his statements:

There are tons and tons of games that have been delivering quite strong political messages, whether you want to or not. Most games in the (modern military) genre are like (neoconservative) fantasies. They impose the idea that the best way to make the world a better place is through a massive military force, that no organization or social change is needed. And there is also a lot of xenophobia. You see these neo-conservative fantasies all the time, and you don't really see left-wing fantasies. In our own small way, we try to be an answer to that.

We remind you of its description and trailer:

In a world where the wealthy elite control the media, elections, and workers' lives, we face two options: accept it or fight for something better.

Tonight We Riot does not have a single hero. Instead, you play as a movement of people whose well-being determines the success of your revolution.

The highly anticipated game "is for all those people who need to vent their political anger" according to USGamer.

Main features:

  • Cooperative play
  • 20 unlockable weapons, gear and perks
  • A dog
  • References to things we all love (and hate)
  • Endless Mode
  • Kaiju
  • A wood chipper
  • Synthesizer
  • The only catharsis that only comes from hitting the throat of a billionaire

Tonight We Riot is available at Swich eShop from last May 5 at a price of € 15.

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