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8-core Intel Tiger Lake-H processors will arrive in 2021



8-core Intel Tiger Lake-H processors will arrive in 2021

This memo was written in May, but so far. Compal expects Intel to launch the first 8-basic Tiger Lake-H process by the first quarter of 2021, but the fact that data is already available from OEM means they are already working with engineering (minimum) samples. we would expect the launch of the first laptops equipped with these processes in one day.

Intel Tiger Lake-H 8-core processors

The company’s first 10nm silicon buyers are Ice Lake, but as we all know, Tiger Lake-U is just around the corner, although it is true that these explorers will have 4 corals. As part of ward H, these 8-core processors can look at a TDP of between 35 and 45 watts as well as “standard” laptops, “premium” laptops and excellent Intel gaming laptops they will be able to offer them on that day. 

These 8-core Tiger Lake-H processor operating systems are the first real sign of Intel's 10nm performance improvement, as the company has become a 10nm segment in the U and Y segments (at 15W and below). from TDP), only the most affordable items are considered, and in these Intel products 14nm “Comet Lake” has been introduced at competitive prices to reduce the market price of Ice Lake-U processors.

Segment H was previously a special state of Comet Lake, although Intel plans to release Xeon “Ice Lake-SP” processors later this year (although these spies, like all server-supported services, are high prices but low). Compal says Intel will update the H segment with a new 8-core Comet Lake-H component in the second half of 2020, possibly tightening the upper end against the powerful AMD Ryzen 9 4900H.

Later, in 2021, Intel is expected to unveil its 10nm Alder Lake processors, which include a separate laptop. These processing processes will have hybrid technology, which incorporates “size” (Gold Cove) and “small” (Gracemont) cores in the construction of buildings similar to ARM's large.LITTLE.

Intel's first real “real” competition against AMD

Since the introduction of AMD Renoir trainers to the market, they have taken many of the options offered by laptop manufacturers, especially in the high end because they offer more performance at a much lower TDP and, most importantly, with a larger number of cores, more important for modern gaming laptops.

Introducing the Tiger Lake-H processors with 8 cores and a TDP like AMD (remember we are around 35 watts) will allow Intel to introduce real competition at a higher level, a much needed market segment for of the market. sports. We’ll see what performance they can deliver and if they bring in to launch a war on AMD or not, but the response from Intel seems to be already in the corner. Of course, it should be noted that it may be “too late” and that AMD already has its next launch in the room, which has been used to replicate and leave Intel in the limelight.

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