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AMD Ryzen 5000, APUs with Zen 3 and Vega cores



AMD Ryzen 5000, APUs with Zen 3 and Vega cores

In early 2020, AMD released its Ryzen 4000 APIs «Renoir»Designed for writing, which shows great efficiency. The company is not overweight and is already testing its next laptop chips. We can verify this with very focused filters SiSotware, well-known exposure software.

On the Ryzen 5000 track

For the first time in the history of AMD, the Ryzen 4000 generation brings a milestone: first APU 8 -bookbook of its history. AMD and Intel APU APIs were in conflict for the first time.

After its launch in early 2020, we were able to see a dynamic exhibition in the medium and medium-sized brochures. However, the news is the latest generation: the AMD Ryzen 5000, especially the potential APU leaks.

In terms of desktop platform, AMD has just launched its new desktop APUs: Ryzen 4000G. It is true that there is no significant stock, but you may have bought a chip from this list on eBay or in Chinese stores.

The installation of a new AMD processor has been disclosed in the Software database, a bench used in companies. Identification of this application «AMD Celadon-CZN Renoir«. The first ‘KZN' will refer to ‘Cezanne', the code name for Renoir who will replace him. Obviously, both platforms share the same approach.

Although we have already heard about these «Cezanne«, News focuses on the fact that this chip will include a Zen 3 hybrid core and other variations of Vega integrated graphics. In fact, it is now known which follower of «Cezanne»: «Rembrand

«, Which will enable the transition to new drawings compiled based on Navi.

The APU Ryzen 5000 The filter conveys the graphical transcript, cryptography, memory width and data analysis. SiSoftware found that the APU incorporates 8 compute (CU) units, equivalent to 512 streaming processors. This graphics program has been worked on In 1850 Mhz, about 100 MHz over Vega drawings installed by Ryzen 9 4900H (1750 Mhz).

AMD Cezanne is expected on both the platform and the desktop. Books can work socket FP6, which means that bookmakers will have no problem switching their product to the next generation of APUs. On the desktop, socks AM4, available since 2017.

On the other hand, there are rumors that AMD has preferred to avoid and bypassing the “4000” branding in these collaborative processes so as not to override the “Vermeer” brand, the fourth generation Ryzen desktop. Therefore, this would mean that a portable platform would be discussed for the construction of the Zen 3. In addition, these rumors speculate that the desktop platform could come to the fore. However, there are still rumors.

In conclusion, the APDs of the AMD Ryzen 5000 can bring us great improvements in integrated graphics, such as the hybrid construction of the Zen 3. We do not know exactly when they will be launched, but all show that they will follow the same launch line as the Ryzen 4000 «Renoir»: a early 2021.

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