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Analysts expect the Xbox Series X to sell twice as much as the PS5



Analysts expect the Xbox Series X to sell twice as much as the PS5

Xbox Series X vs PS5 based on user search interests

One of the tools analysts have used, such as SEO experts from The Hoth firm, has been data provided by tools such as Google Trends, which are used to detect the search trends of specific keywords on Google. After analyzing the interest of console users in this tool, they concluded that the Xbox Series X beats SONY's PS5 by far.

Here you can see some of the “tops” on the graph, starting with the Xbox Series X teaser and followed by the SONY developer event where he discusses console hardware. This culminated in a growing trend of user interest in the Microsoft

console since the announcement of the Bethesda acquisition, but the declining trend was shown above PS5 when SONY announced its value.

After all, it seems that these SEO experts are not aware that “PS5” is more searchable than “PlayStation 5”, and that you can see for yourself using Google Trends. When we compare your two searches using the PS5 instead of the PlayStation 5 the graph changes dramatically. Also, your search and analysis is for the United States and not for everyone. These two drawings we have downloaded, using the PS5 and the rest of the world, not just the US. The result is very different.

According to these analysts, when SONY disclosed the number of its console, consumer interest quickly shifted to Microsoft's Xbox Series X, especially looking for the word “where to buy”, which was found ten times more than accompanied by PS5


The tops that can be seen in the graph above correspond to the announcements of both companies, and tell us more about the practice and interest of users. The source says that now that almost all the details of both comforts are known, search styles are showing greater interest to users in relation to Microsoft console, and they have tried to predict that in the Christmas campaign Microsoft will sell twice as much comfort as SONY.

Who will win the “war of the cones”?

As mentioned above, this data is based solely on trends and predictions, and trends only reflect United States data and search terms that are not used by users, and therefore are not true. In addition, it should be borne in mind that in the remaining time for both consoles to finally see the light, both SonY and Microsoft will definitely have their hands up to encourage the purchase of their products and that more users turn their heads towards your console. We'll see what happens.

Ultimately, who will win this console battle is something we will never know until about February or March 2021, when we already have the art details we can really trust. Also, keep in mind that this data is based on Google search results, and in hindsight, we all looked at the details of Ferrari without the intention of buying it, right?

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