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Comparing Corsair power supplies RM750X vs RM750




The Corsair RM family of electric purchases has been on the market for years, and although it has many downstream families like the RMx we will see today or the digital RMi, it has only been a few months to revive the "basic" family, so it's a good time to see which of these electricity is worth the most.

But the price, RM750x is less expensive than RM750, as its price ranges from 140 to 150 euros depending on the store, while the price of RM750 has a price that goes from 100 to 115 euros in general (except for the nominations and offers, of course).

Corsair RM750x vs RM750 technical comparison

Corsair RM750xCorsair RM750
Power750 W750 W
Certificate of efficiency80 And Gold80 And Gold
Type ATX12V2.42,22
Fan135mm Rifle Bearing135mm Rifle Bearing
Zero RPM modeYesYes
Dimensions150mm x 86mm x 160mm150mm x 86mm x 160mm
It's modular100%100%
Kind of wiringFlat, darkFlat, dark
Warranty10 years10 years
ATX 20 + 4-pin connectors11
EPS 4 + 4-pin connectors22
PCIe connectors46
SATA connectors910
MOLEX connectors74
Floppy connectors10

If we stick to the initial boundaries of these sources of energy we can see that they are the same, otherwise the standard ATX version for RM750 is modern for RM750x (2.52 vs 2.4). It is standard, since the RM750x was released in 2018 while the RM750 was released the following year, in May 2019 a revised version of the previous 2013 was released.

This means RM750 has better interior design, is in line with modern times and electric requirements and, therefore, is extremely efficient and reliable even though its 80 Gold performance certificate is the same in both sources.

This is the Corsair RM750x 80 Plus certification test table:

RM750x efficiency

And this is the same table for RM750:

RM750 efficiency

As you can see, unless you have the same capabilities and the same certification, the Corsair RM750 is superior in terms of efficiency, and also the difference in all load levels.

Regarding cablesIn this comparison of the Corsair RM750x vs RM750 we see that it changes dramatically, since this is the last resort for today's PCs, providing a large number of PCI-Express and SATA connectors, exchanging small MLEXX and eliminating the Floppy connector, since it hasn't been used in almost any years. In this regard it is not that one source is better than another, they are simply different, but if you have to choose, the RM750 is better suited for a modern PC for RM750x.

Which power supply is recommended for purchase?

Based on the data collected in this comparison, the Corsair RM750 is a more efficient source, better prepared for modern systems due to its connectivity, and with the same guarantee and lasting protection at a lower price.

So there can be no doubt that it is best to buy a Corsair RM750 ahead of the Corsair RM750x, because it is a better power supply and cheaper.

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