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AMD is worse this year and even though its new processors and graphics cards will not reach the end with the 7nm EUO's N7P.

AMD Ryzen 4000 (Zen 3 Vermeer) and Radeon RX Navi 2X (RDNA 2): very close as expected


There is not much a launch date as the launch date when logically all we have asked for months will be revealed and when the rumors have come and gone.

There is so much fog that AMD is using in its construction, that most of the data is not only filtered, but held by the industry at a changed pace. Therefore, having a presentation date clearer or more specific for a particular month is a step toward the end of the tunnel.

It is reported that AMD will unveil both buildings within a month discomfort

and the month of september, where this probably isn't important, because apparently, both CPUs and GPUs will be launched at the same time each month October.

It is revealed that the reason for this is to provide users with a full PC "made in AMD", in order to avoid hardware purchases by its users from their competitors. This indicates that AMD will compete with NVIDIA and Intel in desktop gaming.

Increased CPI, cache system optimization, greater efficiency …

AMD Zen 3

Although we've already discussed everything that happened with Zen 3 and RDNA 2, it's a good time to remember what awaits us with these two properties. For the CPU, there is talk of a minimum increase of 15% on CPI

, where to add a 50% performance in FP.

Calls will be redesigned to make them accessible to any CCXs that have an individual CCD. This will also reduce latitude and improve the basic functionality and I / O Die features that are just as important as the games.

As for RDNA 2, we would expect a an increase of each watt performance up to 50%, high IPC and standard high frequency depending on model and range.

The new N7P node is symmetrical in the middle 200 and 300 MHz a lot of CPU and to a lesser degree will come with GPU.

Both properties are estimated to be the last since AMD to use PCIe 4.0, which will pass without penalty or glory to the consumer sector and is less about the business sector, because the actual launch should come PCIe 5.0, where most of the manufacturers have listed their hopes for technologies like CXL.

In short, we have been more than 5 months aware of all the details of these two new buildings, so 2020 is yet to come as a surprise.


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