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For home telecommunications, what Intel PC is required?




What does Intel PC need to be able to deliver calls to our company? Telephone communication It's a really interactive concept and involves a lot of technology to be able to adapt to each user. The fact is that most of these jobs, obviously, do not require much power but rather the opposite, so from the beginning we will focus specifically on this common and broader part of the industry.

Another option would be a PC for each type of activity, something is great as it is hidden in most cases, so it's best to focus on the size of the people and their needs.

Intel Core i3-9100


The processor is currently at a really competitive price. Its F-Type is even cheaper if possible, but it would mean buying a dedicated graphics card that would totally cost you money.

We're talking directly about the CPU 4 cores with no HT base frequency of 3.6 GHz turbo frequency 4.2 GHz, which brings it together 6 MB of L3 and everything in just TDP 65 watts. Although its IMC according to Intel only supports up to 2400 MHz, as we will see later we will move further to increase the performance of the platform without compromising stability or robustness.

Its GPU is well known UHD 630, which will run into it 1.1 GHz supports up to 4K monitors at 60 Hz.

ASUS PRime H310M-D R2.0


It is a complete game that never ends. As we built the Intel PC telecommunications we chose this model because it includes a serial port COM, LPT and D-Sub

, in addition to HDMI without fail

With this and 6 USB ports, the PS2 support for the keyboard and mouse and its GbE must be met with the best needs of any worker who needs support from both young and old.

Memory support extends 2666 MHzfind out four SATA 6 Gb / s and SATA or PCIe x2 compatible M.2.

Corsair Revenge LPX 2 x 8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz C16

Corsair Revenge LPX DDR4-2400

Memory is not good for any PC, because software requirements do not increase but grow. We may have opted for its 2 X 4 GB version and saved a few euros, but the price difference is so low that we decided to install 2 X 8 GB and let the user forget about this part for many years.

As expected, we're talking about a type that offers a lifetime warranty on its memory, which comes in at 2666 MHz and will outperform the BMI processor, but allow us to achieve performance without compromising stability, since the memory controller can handle faster speeds.

His time 16-18-18-36-2TSo we don't really deal with compulsory modules, but rather, on the contrary, they will be very relaxing.

Western Digital Blue 500 GB SSD M.2 SATA


The choice of this part instead of its 2.5-inch version is to take advantage of the M.2 port that connects the board and avoids unnecessary wires between PCs.

Its performance is equal to that of its sibling, so all the benefits since it comes to 560 MB / s respectively to read again 530 MB / s alphabetically. Opposition to it b and between both models of 2 euros separate them, the neglected figure of the comfort of not using ropes in the tower.

Corsair CV450 80 Plus Bronze


Although the equipment will use very little (+ -100 watts under pressure, about 70 watts in operation, what does a traditional light bulb) always prefer to choose three-dimensional electrical power: a good RMA signal (in case of future problems), a model that is at least twice the use of a repository and is ultimately the source that has passed the 80 Plus certification.

Unfortunately, there is probably no low watt source that meets these requirements, so we have chosen a model that will be completely left out but compatible with the invention and reasonably priced. This Corsair CV450 is the cheapest type of product, compact (125 mm long) and although it makes sense that it is not a model for its price, it has its own history strings and 12 cm follower, enough for this group.

Aerocool SI 5200 Frost


The choice of this box fits perfectly. PC requirements are small, but because the CPU includes a stock heatsink, we are thinking about improving the internal CPU flow to achieve better temperatures in this core segment thus reducing the heatsink's noise to a minimum.

The three front fans will accomplish this and have an attractive touch RGB, something that gives it a touch of color. It has a side window so we can see our equipment and from where we can see its system and dual-camera cameras that will increase the shutdown.

All for a well-contained price. And with this we turn off this Intel PC over the telephone connection, where we have seen that you don't have to spend a lot of money to work hard with home-based warranties.


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