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Google Classroom: a virtual classroom for teachers and students




The education system is no longer just face-to-face. It can be taught and taught more than high school or university. Education can also come to us almost and the Internet is packed with resources to make it much easier.

One of the biggest challenges teachers and students face is communication. Academic institutions often have platforms that they can talk about, but those that can use Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is a free learning environment that has become available to anyone who wants (and not only the education system) lately. To get this you will need a Google Account and computer over the Internet.

Google Classroom: home school

The Google Classroom interface is simple. Teachers can create a page for each class and invite their students. With the platform you can send and edit messages to all students (or just a group).

One of the most useful tasks is the one that allows you to create teaching materials. You can help yourself with other tools such as Scripts, presentations and Sheets. You'll also easily find the shared folder in Google Drive.

Google Classroom also lets you check with your students, such as creating homework or asking questions. Option in the form of maybe It will give both of you a better time to study.

This tool also helps you track the progress of each student and makes it very easy for you to provide the answer each person. Now, you must remember that Google can use this information, as it always does.

How Google Classroom works

1. Menu

Here you will find a calendar, a to-do list, your classes and more.

2. Plate

This is where you will see the interaction between the students and the teacher.

3. Class work

You will be able to create teaching materials, assign homework and ask class questions.

4. People

All related information for students who are part of the class is kept. You can move a student to a virtual classroom whenever you want.

5. Estimates

With Google Classroom you can also make a note of tasks.

6. Section settings

You can change the classroom settings and easily access other Google services.

7. Class Code

Students must enter this code to join the class.

8. Subject

You can customize the conversion of each section with a file image or your own.

9. Next delivery date

Students will find here a list of all the homework pending.

10. Literature

You can share files, links, and shares with the category.

11. Messages

You can send messages to the class and students can leave their comments.

Doubts about Google Classroom performance

Do you need to register to use Google Classroom?

To use Google Classroom, you'll only need a Google account (Gmail email). To create something new, you have to go After that, you must log in to the website of Google Classroom.

How to create a class in Google Classroom?

Teachers can create a classroom. To do this, he has to click the & # 39; + & # 39; sign, followed by & # 39; After accepting the terms, add the word to the class and fill in the required information. Confirm the action by clicking & # 39; Create & # 39;

How to invite students to a Google Classroom class?

Students can also sign up for the class by going to the Google Classroom website, by clicking the & # 39; + & # 39; They will have to present a unique class code and be ready for it.

Is Google Classroom in use on mobile?

Google Classroom is available with the mobile app, whether Android or iOS. For your personal use smartphone, you just need to download it from Google Store either App Store.

Is Google Classroom open to all teachers?

If you work at an educational institution, you should not use the free version of Google Classroom. The school should give you access to the service G Suite of Educational Institutions. The main reason is to protect student data.


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