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Google is introducing compatible Chromebook accessories



Google introduced the “Work with Chromebook” program so that third-party developers can build accessories for popular laptops. This means that you will eventually be able to find chargers, mice and other instruments specifically designed for Chromebooks. We explain what all this means and cover some of the existing products.

What is “Work with a Chromebook”?

Like the old system Made for the iPhone (designed for iPhone) Apple launched years ago, Works with Chromebook empowers product developers who are certified to work with Google's powerful laptops and display an official badge so customers know they can buy with confidence.

So if you've been looking for a keyboard, charger, connector, mouse or other external device, check it out Works with Chromebook in the box and voila.

So far, the program has been adopted by a variety of brands, including Anker, Belkin, Brydge, Logitech, Acer, Targus, among others.

Won't the keyboard or extension work with Chromebooks?

Technically yes, but since Chromebooks have a keyboard layout that is not the same as a standard Windows machine, users who want a different keyboard sometimes have to struggle with the wrong buttons in certain areas – such as the one that quickly opens Search. google search clock.

Also, laptop chargers usually have to be ordered from manufacturers, but by switching to USB-C power supply, this has enabled the app and Chromebook to ensure that the standard charger will work with your device.

Basically the motherboard gives you peace of mind and means that you won't get the occasional malfunction that can come with third party products specifically designed for Windows.

Does it work with Chromebook products?

With the plan recently announced in March 2020, there is not yet a large selection of retail finance segment. But various manufacturers mentioned that the majority will appear in the coming months and some are already shelving, including the following:

Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse

The Logitech M705 mouse has a mid-range steering wheel, 1000 dpi tracking for direct control, front and rear buttons for navigating web pages, and a great three-year battery life. You can buy the M705 at

Amazon Spain for 37.98 euros.

Brydge C-Type keyboard

Brydge made a name for itself by building keyboards for iPads a while back, but Chromebook owners can now use the company's capabilities thanks to the C-Type keyboard.

Aluminum key locks are full-size housing that includes dedicated keys for various Chrome related functions, such as search, open apps, page reloads, returns, and Google Assistant.

Users have the option of connecting with Bluetooth 4.1 or USB-C and the six-month battery life makes you a capable partner on the road.

Anker chargers and chrome Logitech keyboards are also out in the wild, so expect them to arrive soon. If you have never tried a Chromebook or are thinking of upgrading your current model, be sure to take a look at our excellent Chromebook table.

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