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Google Nest Audio: What’s New for Next Generation



Google Nest Audio: What’s New for Next Generation

Google has gradually changed its ‘Home' product with ‘Nest' to products associated with the digital home, and now it is the Google Home version that will be renamed Google Nest Audio.

However, the changes are much deeper than the meaning of the word change. With enhanced audio and a completely updated design, Nest Audio can be a natural place for Google Voice Assistant owners.

It comes at a price that could be tempting for all those owners who currently have a Nest Mini and want to improve their audio experience with their voice assistant.

Before entering the details, you should know that Nest Audio has been introduced along with other interesting news such as Chromecast with Google TV and new calls Google Pixel 5 Y Pixel 4a 5G.

When can you buy the new Nest Audio?

Google unveiled a new smart speaker on September 30 at a special event featuring other news hardware. However, the last acquisition of the device will not take effect until October 15. In the US, your arrival will be on October 5th.

In any case, Nest Audio reservations may already be made in the store online from Google, and the opportunity to choose between two models with different endings: Color balance or a model with coal tones.

How much does the new Nest Audio cost?

The new Nest Audio comes on the market at a very competitive price of $99, ​​the same price as Google Home original, though we now see it on sites like for only $69. It is well below the $129 claimed when it was launched.

In fact, the company has already retired its previous generation models from your websiteSo you can only buy Nest Mini, Nest Hub, Google Home Mini, and Nest Audio right now. For all the other beauties, you can find them being sold in retail stores and supermarkets.

Himself, Amazon Echo 4 It has been re-launched these days and this is where Nest Audio will get its biggest competition, for the same original price of $99. all you need to know about the new Amazon Echo 4.

What are the new features of Nest Audio?

The new Nest Audio looks very different from the real Home, with a completely different shape except for the same fabric attached to the Nest Mini, though this time wraps the metal to completely cover it on both sides.

Like its younger brother, the speaker has four LEDs hidden under a mesh to show details such as volume level or when a Google assistant listened. There are also touch-sensitive controls to activate or change the volume.

In the background, Google has kept a small switch so that it can disable listening microphones. It has a connected power connector, without using USB C, something we would love. There are no helpful inputs at this time.

Naturally, it works with Wifi and Bluetooth 5.0 technology to be able to connect to a home network or receive orders from any smartphone or compatible device. Although Google has shown five different colors, chalk and charcoal will arrive.

What is your audio news?

Depending on the sound quality, new tweeter 19mm again woofer 75mm media offers an improvement over Google by the bass area by 50% compared to its previous generation, and by 75% more volume than Google Home.

You can pair two Nest Audio speakers together to create a stereo set, or connect a few of these audio sounds to multiple rooms, like previous product-type speakers.

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