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Great projects to be done with the Arduino board




Today we're going to explain a few projects you can do with the Arduino board, but as you may know, a board alone can do almost nothing and will require you to add some elements. Obviously, in some cases this may be costly or low and, in addition, in all it will require some degree of programming in the platform.

Small projects to do with Arduino board

Below you will find some small projects to do with your development board, all simple and inexpensive. There are certainly many projects and things to do, but hopefully we can give you some ideas especially if you have a plate in a dusty cupboard. After all, Arduino fame for building robots and much less, but as you'll see below, there are many things you can do.

A little weather station

Weather station with Arduino

This is one of the best Arduino projects for beginners. It requires you to create a small screen to display the data, and the schedule will allow you to include a forecast for the coming days. For this project you'll need an Adafruit HUZZAH board (at least one recommended by experts), a small OLED screen and case.

The sensitivity is to turn on the lights

Have you ever been out of bed and cheated on something by not enlightening you? With this project you can create an existing sensor to see when you get out of bed and an LED strap placed underneath it to illuminate the floor.

LED strap bed with Arduino

For this project you will need an LED strip and Arduino board sensors. We recommend that when you install it, you have set up a system so that it does not light up during the day.

Existing track lights

The headlights on the screen are a luxury, because they see the colors on the edges of the screen and scatter them behind the wall, creating a sense of wonder and depth.

Ambilight Arduino

For this project you will need RGB strings of LEDs and a sensor that detects the edges of the screen edges. Also, we warn you, the system is not as easy as it may seem (but we give you ideas).

Fingerprint sensor to open doors

Another very exciting project because of its usefulness is the creation of a fingerprint sensor that allows you to open doors. Imagine for example that your garage door is a car… with this project you can make it open automatically by placing your finger on the sensor. Very useful, isn't it?

Fingerprint sensor with Arduino

With this project you will logically need a fingerprint sensor, a house to install it and, if you want to give it a final take, a small screen showing details like the one you can see in the picture.

Full control panel for PC

Have you ever thought that you might have a control panel similar to that of a spacecraft but on a PC? The Arduino can make it happen, and it's actually not too complicated for a control panel board to use PC components such as turning the volume up or down or turning on the programs.

Control panel by Ardiuno

This project will be as complex as the finish you want to make, but obviously you will need as many buttons and LEDs as you want to put into it. Then the plan will involve assigning each of them related tasks.

An endless kaleidoscope mirror

The project is cool and has been seen many times in other areas. This mirror creates an irresistible kaleidoscopic illusion that creates the influence of the mind that awakens its eye. As the screen rotates, you can make the lights and colors change. It's just a good look, but it looks really good.

For this project you'll need a small Arduino 101 board (you can also do it with a Sparkfun or NeoPixels version), in addition to LED strips and a mirror.

Arduino smoke detection system

Another project with a tool in real life is a smoke detector. The idea is to use the Arduino board in conjunction with the new MQ-2 platform sensor, in addition to adding a speaker or buzzer to alert when detected. You can also add a template for more details.

Exhaust smoke

What do you think of these ideas that you can use with Arduino boards? Do you have any other ideas? Tell us in the comments.


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