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How to download Among Us for Free



How to download Among Us for Free

Among Us is an InnerSloth multiplayer game that is gaining popularity over the day. Players get together in teams to work together to find out which of them is a fraud. Fraudsters, in turn, have to destroy players without being found.

If you want to download and play this video game Among Us free, then you will want to know that there is an easy way to do it. Currently it is possible for iOS and Android

, but soon comfort may be available.

How to download among us for free

The only thing you need to download Among Us completely free is an iOS or Android tool. Namely, a smartphone or one tablet uses one of these two applications.

You can download Among Us on iOS and Android via these links:

Google Play Store

Apple Store

Once you have downloaded the game, just open the app, choose if you want to play in your area (using the same Wi-Fi network) or online

, and finally prepare or join one of the games already created.

If your friends choose to use a program that isn't yours (or Steam on a PC), don't worry. Among Us is available on all of these platforms, so you can play with your friends (or strangers) anyway.

Can you download between US for free on PC?

Unfortunately, the PC version of the game is not free and is only available for download from Steam for PC. However, for a small price of € 3.99, it is worth it if you want to stream your game on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

In addition, with the PC version you can play using the keyboard and mouse, which means you'll be able to click faster and that will give you, in general, the experience. to play better.

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