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How to make Alexa whisper



Alexa, one of the most popular assistants, has undoubtedly been a very helpful companion: turn off the lights when you are in bed, activate any alarm you ask or answer your questions about the time she will spend. it does, among many other things.

As you know, all of these functions are requested by voice commands. And as you also know, Alexa responds to everything you ask. So how to use Alexa when your partner or children are already sleeping? Alexa's tone of voice can be problematic in these cases.

Obviously, you can turn on the volume before making any requests to it, however there is a very useful way: turn on the Alexa response option that was announced.

At first, listening to her gossip is fun, but you'll get used to it, and hopefully you won't laugh too much or offend people who need reassurance.

How to allow Alexa whispered responses

It's simple: just say "Alexa, activate gossip mode." You don't need to do this for one of your own Amazon Echo or other devices with Alexa built-in: it works for everyone connected to your Alexa / Amazon account.

When this option is activated, Alexa will only whisper if you whisper a question. This is a well-thought-out feature, since you will respond with his usual voice when using yours, so you don't have to enable and disable the gossip mode all the time.

Note that you will respond with normal volume when you start whispering to each device, saying "I think you were just talking to me. From now on you will be able to whisper to you."

If you want to turn off these whiskey for some reason, simply say "Alexa, turn off the gossip mode."

Alexa app

One way is to make the answers paired with the Alexa app.

Open the main menu (three rows in the top left corner) and tap & # 39; Settings & # 39;

Scroll down until you see Alexa & # 39; s likes, then touch Voice Responses & # 39; below them. Use the toggle button to activate gossip mode.

And that's it.

Alexa Short mode

There is another useful tip related to the Mode of Whits, and that is Short Mode. You have probably seen the above Whisper Mode in the Alexa app.

Your action summarizes responses to specific requests and in some cases will play a tone indicating that the request was triggered, rather than using words. For example, if you say "Alexa, turn on the bedroom light" you will hear short "dong-ding" to find out what happened.

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