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Improve your brand by adding accessories to your laptop



The most basic add-on the longer you use the laptop the more it should be a mouse, because it will not only serve the function of the normal use of the equipment, but will also allow us to have a more comfortable and comfortable position on the table as you do not have to have both hands nearly crossed to use the keyboard and trackpad at the same time.

The same thing happens when keyboard, because its full size will allow us to have a much better position, greatly increases the productivity and speed of writingand shape. Also, if you want to work really well, in this couple of things around you can always add some good line to ensure smooth movement with a straight mouse.

Mouse and mat, important laptop friends

We have previously noted that it is important to have a mouse. Used a laptop trackpad to move the cursor is OK when it is limited, but it eventually takes its time if we do it for a long time, both because of the little work we will have and the hands and arms that force us to accept.

For this reason, having a USB mouse should be the foundation Among the laptop accessories we should have, and if they don't use wires, they are better.

HP OMEN to go around

A great example of a laptop mouse HP OMEN Photon Wireless Mouse

, an answer to the prayers of users who want to donate ropes. It includes a number of customization options, such as changing sides and software OMEN Command Center to prepare for its extra buttons and light.

This mouse features a better opto-signal switch, and 2.4GHz wireless technology for this mouse enables it its response time is only 0.2 ms, which makes all the movement and clicks we do instantly recorded on a laptop. It also has a battery life of up to 50 hours be able to use it all day long without worry, and again can be rebuilt using Qi technology, so we won't need cables.


Moving on to the mat, the perfect partner in Photon Wireless brick HP OMEN Outpost, because in addition to ensuring the smooth and precise movement of the mouse, it has Qi wireless charging technology, ready to repeat the mouse battery simply leaving it in the face made for wireless charging.

So, when you stop using the mouse, by simply putting it in its place we will be rebuilding the battery. In addition, it has a fast charging function as well in just 2.5 hours we will have fully charged the mouse. And, while we use it, we can use this Qi charging point replacing a battery of smartphones or tablets if we want.

HP OMEN Outpost

The highlight of this mat can be used on both sides, strong and soft touches, at the user's discretion. Similarly, it has a USB-A port and it has An RGB LED light surrounds its surroundings true configurable from the OMEN Command Center software.

Keyboard, your best product development partner

The laptop keyboard is ready to be used for some time, but when that time is extended for hours each day every day, we would be very grateful to be able to have a good keyboard, because its full size and the possibility of a hand rest It will help us improve the product and make us feel comfortable using the equipment. So, the keyboard is one of the laptop accessories we should always have.

In this case, the best option would be the keyboard IHP OMEN Encoderwith switches Cherry MX Red / Cherry MX Brown (both types exist) which provide amazing and smooth performance. It is keyboard to make They are produced at the highest levels to provide the best performance, be it work or play.

HP Omen Encoder

This keyboard has functionality anti ghosting N-Key Rollover, Adjustable RGB light from the OMEN Command Center, greater durability (including its wireless nylon wire cable) and versatility, because its software allows configure all the buttons individually (from the transparency to its actions), and the macros we want to give us a chance at games when necessary.

The keyboard, mouse and mat are the necessary decorations we should all have with a laptop to grow our product, be it work or games.

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