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Intel and AMD have CPU shortages due to Coronavirus




The present situation is something that no living person has ever seen, not even in the past. The Coronavirus It puts so much pressure on both markets and factories and companies, that Bob Swan and Lisa Su have had to step up as CEOs of their companies to try to slow the industry down.

Data usage continues to climb and servers are starting to crumble

2-Azure Servers

Although in Spain almost all of the population is at home due to segregation and this is repeated in neighboring countries, and until recently in China where more than one in 5 Americans had to follow the same path, land demand has never stopped.

The load on data servers has increased significantly, companies like Netflix either YouTube They are reducing the quality of their broadcasts to meet the needs of people confined to their homes and seeking more entertainment than ever before.

For this reason, the demand for applications worldwide continues to rise, when their capacity is insufficient for the data storm the world is moving through.

Intel and AMD are trying to reduce the CPU shortage


It is not surprising that 99% of the world's servers are captured by Intel or AMD, so the delivery of this is crucial so that we can maximize infrastructure at a time as fragile as ever.

On the other hand, Bob Swan has written to his clients and has cited the company's epidemic strategy team as the primary weapon to save the trip. At the same time, point out that the global supply chain is well-distributed which is why the company operates almost completely, while keeping the total delivery time in time. 90%


For its part, AMD did not refer to such a supply chain, but ensured that its company worked hard to maintain business continuity and thus minimize the impact of operations in various parts of the world. . At the same time, they are taking steps to ensure the safety of their employees during an outbreak.

Supermarkets run out of CPU storage


You just have to look at the emergence of supermarkets in our country and even at the European level, where for weeks we haven't been able to find some processor models and, some no longer have their CPUs for sale.

With this, third-party vendors take advantage of the current CPU shortage we have and, apparently, it will still be there for many months. No wonder last week we reported that 30% decrease in PC sales and when giants like ASUS had already lost -40% quarterly sales due to zero demand.

It would not be surprising, then, that when all returns to normal prices have repetitive effects on the sector, as is the case with the stock market. We will have to be awake.


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