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Introduced Intel Rocket Lake-S TDP; Alder Lake will have a DDR5




Loetet Lake will be the 11th generation of Intel Core testers, they will come with a tricky change to the LGA1200 and there are rumors that they will only be a "backport" of calls Willow Cove at 14nm product, with a maximum of 8 calls; In other words, it looks like we'll never see 10 Rocket Lake-S monitors, since Intel's vision is to provide better performance based on the larger an increase in CPI and very high operating speed.

Rocket Lake-S sky use

According to published data, there will be three types of Rocket Lake-S SKUs based on its TDP: We will have 8 basic processors with 95W TDP and 4, 6 and 8 processors with 80 and 65W TDP.

At 95 watt variants (PL1) the use rates of PL2 and PL4 are set 173W and 251W respectively and a The lion 56 seconds (Tau is a variable time that shows how long the processor can last in high-power mode before returning to PL1, and exchanging the TDP that the constructor refers to).

Intel Rocket Lake-S processors TDP

As for the 80W TDP variant, it includes 146W PL2, 191W PL3, and 251W PL4, but with a very low Tau rate in just 28 seconds. As for TDP 65W processors, their PL2 is 128W, PL3 177W and PL4 are also 251W, with the same Tau value of 28 seconds.

To put this simply, it means that all of these processors are capable of being used for a period of 251 watts to provide high performance, however, in addition to causing system failure this means that we will need a proper cooling solution in that the cause of Thermal Throttling

. On the other hand, it would not be surprising if Intel specifies the minimum amperage in its power supply to use these Rocket Lake-S processes.

Alder Lake, with LGA1700 funding and DDR5 funding

The same leak also talks about the upcoming Intel Alder Lake processors, which will release the LGA1700 socket and build models. According to a retired product developer (you're linked to the source, at the end of this article), Alder Lake-S will be able to handle memory DDR5 RAM at 4800 GT / s (reference speed) per 1DPC (one DIMM per channel, interchangeable). Using 2DPC (two DIMMs per channel or one DIMM per channel range), memory controllers can only handle 4000 GT / s speed.

Alder Lake-S will support DDR5 RAM

This means that while the Alder Lake-S can support DDR5 RAM, the memory controller would be so limited that using dual-channel memory would reduce its speed and bandwidth. The good news and the bad news at the same time, or from here until it's released, there is still a lot of guidance to solve this problem.

On the other hand too lift up that motherboard manufacturers will need to produce PCB with at least 6 layers the ability to create a dual channel DDR5 RAM.


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